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Manchester Block Paving Installers

Block Paved Driveways

We are TPAC Ltd a block paving company in Manchester. We can design and construct your perfect block paved driveway using only the finest quality paving materials from supplies such as Marshalls, Bradstone etc. Block paving for driveways is an all weather, durable material that can be applied in a number of colours and patterns.

  • Setts & Cobbles
    bespoke look
  • Permeable Paving
    environmentally friendly
  • Block Paving Circles
    distinctive feature
  • Security
    add security posts
  • Colours
    range of colours supplied
Driveway Paving

Paving Styles, Materials and Patterns

  • Setts and Cobbles

    TPAC Ltd can supply Cobbles and Setts for your driveway or patio. The difference with cobbles and setts is that a cobblestone normally has a rough surface traditionally for horses so that it is not slippy in wet conditions.


    • Grey Cobble
  • Concrete Paving

    This type of paving is made from a pervious concrete which has a small colection of holes to allow water and air to move freely through the paving stones.


    • Concrete Paving
  • Modern Metro Paving

    This paving system is supplied by Marshalls giving a contemporary and distinctive look.


    • Metro Paving Light Grey
    • Metro Paving Dark Grey
  • Paving Circle

    Add focus to your driveway or patio using a paving circle.


    • Driveway Tegula
Finishing Touches

Enhance your driveway with kerbs, edgings and security posts.

Kerbs & Edgings

Add kerbs and edgings to give that perfect finishing touch to your driveway or patio.

Security Posts

Prevent you car being moved by adding security posts to your driveways.


We can lay your paving in various patterns.

  • Herringbone 45

  • Herringbone 90

  • Stretcherbond

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